Michael is very knowledgable about human anatomy and is a very experienced therapist. My shoulder and upper arm problem has bothered me for some time, but Michael's deep tissue massage has really helped. The pain is reduced, and I am able to move my arm more freely. I believe that with Michael's help, and my own strengthening exercises, my shoulder and upper arm can be healed in a couple of months.

​     - Charles C.

​So happy! Thanks for the great massage. I almost felt like it was dangerous for me to be driving afterwards because I felt so relaxed and carefree. I would be happy to come here again in the future.

​     - Karen P.

Great location, comfortable setting, calm atmosphere. Nice touches like the warming blanket on the table; glad the sounds and scents were neutral, and not strong like sandalwood or other smells.

​    - Sarah W. 

My massage with Maya was the best massage i've ever had, in Ann Arbor and elsewhere. Her technique was amazing and she worked out the tense areas in my body that I didn't even know existed. For the rest of the day I felt beyond deeply relaxed. I highly recommend Maya to anyone who wants a phenomenal massage. 

     - Emma H. 

Michael was very good and thorough, and when you request 'deep tissue' he means it!

​   - Candace P.

Thank you! This was my first massage, and I absolutely loved it! Initially I was a bit apprehensive, but am eager to go again - this could easily become 'my guilty pleasure'.

     - Heidi T.